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for 2019

Thomas Tree Farm is set on a beautiful 50-acre property
just south of Ottawa, 3 kms west of North Gower.

Wander through our maple bush, ride the tractor-drawn hay wagon to choose your perfect Christmas tree.


After your tree excursion
we will serve you complimentary hot chocolate and homemade cookies
while you warm up by the fire.


We have a good selection of Balsam Fir and Spruce from 6 – 11 feet as well as Scotch Pine 6 – 9 feet, ready to cut in the field. (NOTE: the field is now closed)

Premium pre-cut trees are also available, including a selection of Balsam Fir 6 – 14 feet, Fraser Fir 6 – 9 feet and Scotch Pine 6 – 9 feet.

For those looking for smaller trees, we also have a good selection of pre-cut balsam and spruce trees between 3 – 6 feet available.

We also have beautiful hand-made evergreen wreaths which will add a festive touch to your home.

Before you
visit the Farm
Before Visit

saw icon

Bring a hand saw (or use one of ours). No axes or chainsaws please.

kid icon

Please leave your dog at home... but do bring the kids, grandma & grandpa.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please do not ask us to pick a tree for you as they all look perfect to us.

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Visiting a farm in winter is colder, wetter, windier & muddier than in the city. Dress warmly & wear good boots.

The Extras with Every TreeThe Extras

 tractor icon


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Horse DrawnSleigh /Wagon Rides

No More Horses for

hot chocolate icon

Hot chocolate & homemade cookies

tree shaker icon

electric tree shaker to clean tree & tree Baling (wrapping)

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boughs for decorating

children-area icon

children’s play area

At the Farm

Choosing Your Tree

balsam fire icon


(Balsam & Fraser)

» short needles

» nice scent

» good needle retention

spruce icon


» short needles

» nice scent

» strong branches (good for heavy ornamets)

scotch pine icon

scotch pine

» long needles

» great needle retention

To keep everyone safe & happy

garbage icon

Please do not bring glass bottles and other dispos-able items to the field.

stump icon

Watch for stumps and be careful on uneven ground and ice.

house-tree icon

Trees appear smaller in the field than in your house. Most house ceilings are 8 ft in height. A person 6 ft in height can reach to about 8ft on his or her tippy-toes.

star-tree icon

Please make sure you choose the perfect tree before cutting.

star-tree icon

To make sure our clients have a positive experience at the Farm, professional photographers are required to contact us before coming onto the property to run photography sessions on the Farm so we can regulate the number of photographers.

Caring for
your tree
Tree Care

All species of trees must be cared for properly to make them last. Proper care includes:

Keep the tree outdoors out of the wind and sun until you are ready to put it up.

If temperatures are above freezing a tree can be kept in the garage in a bucket of water.

Before you put the tree up make a fresh straight cut about 1 inch from the bottom. This opens up the tree trunk so it can take water.

Keep the tree away from things such as fireplaces and heaters that may prematurely dry the tree.

Use a good quality tree stand that will hold the tree securely and hold at least 4 litres of water.